Madam Samantha - 24-7 Panty Punishment

I caught you and now you're gonna be taught a lesson sissy. Caught in girl's panties - how embarrassing for you! I'm going to make you pay for your sissy fetish. You're gonna get exactly what you deserve sissy - and that's a 24-7 panty punishment. That's what sissies like you get when you're caught wearing emasculating panties by bitchy girls like me. I've got the most humiliating panty-punishment planned for you sissy - you're going to be paraded in front of my girlfriends, spanked in your panties and then we're going to blackmail you into wearing your panties ​ALL day EVERY​ day!

Your first humiliation will be modelling your panties in front of all my snarky, bratty girlfriends. You have no idea how bitchy they'll be to you. We are experts at cutting sissies like you down to size and know all the right words to totally destroy your ego. Everyone is gonna get to make fun of you and make you prance around and wiggle you pansy-pantied bottom. And then - when your face is burning red from the shame of being humiliated by a room full of hot girls - we're all going to spank you - in your panties - we're not even going to let you take them off!

Your spanked bottom is going to be glowing just as much as the embarrassment on your face sissy! But we're not done sissy - you're on 24-7 panty punishment from now on so as well as destroying your pride - we're going to destroy all your boy underwear too. All you get to wear is girly panties 24-7. Let's see how you like that sissy - flimsy pink panties to the gym, to work, when you're jerking off to CruelGirlfriend clips. All the time - no exceptions. This rule will be totally enforceable through all the humiliating evidence we'll blackmail you with - you got that sissy?

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