Domina Elara - Pegged and Made to Cum

"Nothing is as sexy as a beautiful woman with a huge strap on ready to fuck you.

Let's have a closer look at my huge strap on... I don't want you to just look at it. I want you to obsess over it. I want you to take it... get so turned on by it. Honestly, what's not to like? while the size is intimidating, we can work up to this huge cock... I want you to prove that you are worthy for it. You will have to show me that you deserve me fucking you. I want you to earn it. How? By sucking this cock.

It's ok to stroke while I fuck that mouth of yours... open wide. Take it for me. yes... what a good boy. I want you to sit on my lap and take it for me... come closer and sit right here on this cock for me...

Yes, take it more for me.

I want you to take it as I fuck you nice and deep as you sit on my lap and take this cock so deep inside for me. That's right. That's so sexy!

I want you to cum so hard as you take my big cock in my hot and sexy countdown while I pound your ass... What a sweet little fuck toy! 

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