Princess Carmela - Public Cuckold Adventure

Thanks for taking me out to dinner tonight. This restaurant is so backed up I am getting restless sitting here drinking this . Let's spice things up shall we? How about I publicly cuckold you and humiliate you all night long starting now, LOL! I am going to flirt with the waiters and guys in here while you sit there like a total wimp and watch! Do you know how I am going to get men to come up to me and hit on me? well, I am going to give them a conversation starter! Yes, usually guys hot on me and say something about my beautiful hair or jewelry but I am going to take things to the next level. I am going to take one of my black stockings off... Just one. Then I am going to walk around like this, LOL! Guys will all ask me why I am wearing just one black stocking. And I am going to tell them that the other stocking is in my wimpy dates mouth! LOL! soon, everyone in here is going to know you are a stocking sucking loser. You cant even eat, you will just sit there staring at your plate with a stocking stuffed in your mouth while an endless list of REAL men hit on me right in front of you. They won't care, they will know you are such a wuss you wont even try to stop them, LOL!

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