Elis Euryale - Two goddesses and one trash bin

Lying on the floor, below two goddesses wearing the finest lingerie, you feel weak and vulnerable. You know deeply that they are aware of your weakness, and ready to use it to their advantage. You are also torn and confused, because there is a part of you who want to resist, and a part of you who crave to become their trash bin, their spittoon, their piece of trash that they throw away when they don't need it anymore.

So when they ask you to open your mouth, and taste, savor, and swallow their spits, you obey. Your brain go blank, your devotion is stronger than any other feelings at the moment. You taste, you swallow, and you beg for more. Their smile, their laugh, their humiliating words, and most of all, their elegant disdain is the best reward that you could dream of. Only experience can reveal this truth, and now you are ready for more...

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