Bella Aurora - Pure Mesmer - Submissive Subconscious

This is a 32 minute long mesmerization session that features traditional and Ericksonian methods to change the way your mind behaves. This session is powerful on its own, but watched before any of my other clips it will make you very suggestible. It begins with an induction. I tell you who I am, what I am capable of, and exactly what I am about to do to you. This is a formal mesmerize session between a professional and a patient. Afterward, "you" are left behind as an observer from afar so that I can address your subconscious mind. There are three of us now; me, "you", and your subconscious mind. You are a mute, powerless observer while I shape the behavior of your subconscious mind. I speak directly to it, rather than to you. This is a unique session in which you can be a witness to your own cognitive rewiring. The most powerful, urge-driven component of your mind is permanently instructed to obey my will, at any cost. Unlike safer, more professional mesmerization sessions, I do not guide you up and out of your state of mesmerization. You may stay in the state for up to an hour.

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