Goddess Blonde Kitty - BRAINJACKER

Prepare yourself for TOTAL MENTAL DESTRUCTION! This is an intense visual and audio experience, with PMV vibes. The combination of my curves flashing before your eyes mixed with my silky sensual british voice, and the EDM beat creates an experience of total overstimulation, a gooners paradise. Stroke your cock, stare at the screen, and watch this on repeat! Now get ready little slave, because I'm going to reach in, grasp that subby brain of yours, and twist it until it belongs entirely to ME. You will feel my control take you over, as the intensity builds and builds, until all you're left with is a mind of goo. A dark room will enhance the mind bending power of this clip.

MP4 * 1.48 GB * 00:10:31 * 1920x1080

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