Kendra James - Genie in a bottle

You picked up a cool old bottle from a thrift store and while rubbing it and trying to polish it, blue smoke starts streaming from the top. Suddenly a genie pops out stretching and excited to be free from the bottle where she's been trapped for hundreds of years. You think it's your lucky day and will get three wishes from the magical genie of the lamp, but she has other plans for you. She's sick of granting wishes and doesn't want to go back into the bottle, so instead she's going to mesmerize you into being her slave. The genie begins moving methodically, shaking her hips slowly from side to side. You can't stop watching or listening to her and the sound of her voice lulls you into a trance. You find yourself completely mesmerized by her words and wanting to do everything she tells you. Soon you'll be her mesmerized slave forever

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