Alissa Ryan - Gooners Anonymous

So you want to quit gooning huh? You realize you’ve fallen way too deep into your addiction and you want to regain some of those braincells you pumped away. Goddess Alissa is the only one that can cure you, if anyone can that is. You became addicted to gooning when you found me, you find yourself helplessly stroking to me every single day, you’re a mess. A gooned out leaking mess. You know your efforts will be useless unless I agree to set you free and reprogram you to be a regular citizen of society again. Except… during our counselling session you keep getting these flash backs. You’re trying to focus on your treatment but your mind keeps wandering. Flash backs of my perfect bare tits bouncing all around while I encourage you to stroke. The memory of my goon fuel teases and haunts you. I don’t know gooner….you may be a goon addict forever, I’ll try my best to cure you..

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