Goddess Kitty - Brainscrambler

Get ready to lose your fucking mind gooner, because this is the ultimate BRAINSCRAMBLER. I want you pump, pump, pumping away for hours and hours with this clip on repeat, until the sensory and erotic overwhelm have both your brain and your dick leaking away. I am going to fuck you up and turn you into My ultimate little porn puppet, My drooling dummy, My goonslut. Stroke yourself stoooopid as you loop this clip over and over and the only words in your brain are "YES GODDESS KITTY!". Make sure you wear headphones to experience Me moaning in your ears like I'm right next to you, and if you really REALLY want to prove what a good gooner you are, buy this clip more than once, buy it multiple times to pay Me for all the times you're going to be looping it! ;)

MP4 * 595 MB * 00:10:25 * 1920x1080

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