Goddess Kitty - Goonerverse

ENTER THE GOONERVERSE! All brains can be left at the door, you won't be needing them here. I'm going to be reaching into that head and squeezing your mind until you're nothing but a stroke zombie, pumping that cock on repeat like a porn dummy. Every stroke is going to destroy more and more braincells, goonbot. You are My addicted little goon drone, and you have one command: Obey. By the time I'm finished with you, your transformation into being a 100% certified pornosexual pumper for Me will be complete. Grab your headphones, turn off the lights, and let the strokeathon commence! Remember, the best boys buy this more than once to show their utter simp servitude ;)

MP4 * 1.01 GB * 00:12:10 * 1920x1080

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