Baal Eldritch - Pay The Evil Goddess - Findom Joi

You feel the urge to serve an evil bitch. You want to obey and offer all your income to a manipulative mean Goddess... Look at me boy, and feel how weak you are. You are helpless, addicted and small... Once you have looked into my eyes, you just lost it. You feel the urge to binge, tribute and stroke your filthy cock all day long for me. You feel the urge to fall more and more deeper into this financial trap, because paying me is arousing and satisfying . You feel sexy and hot whenever you spend a huge amount of money at my stores, so don't stop! Enjoy this moment and give in! Stroke, pay and worship a powerful evil woman, who doesn't gives a fuck about your budget. I'm going to take your savings away and spend all that money on luxurious stupid things. Stroke and fall deeper, eat only noodle cups and go to work you fucking bitch

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