Goddess Vanessa - The Dairy Factory

CUSTOM:Title: The Dairy Factory Length: 20-25 Outline: Tired of being suppressed a Hucows trapped us, we are made to play her little game. Strapped onto one of her milking machines we are given a little button, of we click the button the milking machine stops, but a gas immediately floods our senses making us dizzy and extra extra horny. We have the ability to stop the machine at any point we wish, but if we do we will quickly become mindless. The issue, if we cum? The machine will release it's gas non stop whilst it makes us to drink our very own special milk, so it's something we want to avoid at all costs right? The hucow then starts teasing us like crazy, shoving her ass in our face, having her tongue out and moaning, even pressing the button on a few occasions herself and laughing/ moaning louder as we get gassed up. We want to think we are in charge of our own destiny, but really we had no chance to begin with.

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