Natashas Bedroom - Pure Pleasure CEI

Today is purely about enjoying the cum eating process, from the first stroke to the last swallow. I won't try to distract or trick you into eating it. Instead, I'll be using my sensual voice and erotic words along with the endless teasing of my curvy body to lull you into overcoming all hesitation.

Eating that load is exactly what you crave more than anything else. And I want to see you eat it, too. But more than just eating it, I want to see you enjoy and savor it, to love every second of playing with that hot semen. You'll follow along with my edging instructions until you're about to burst, and then you'll keep going and going, until you can't withstand another stroke.

Once the big moment arrives, you won't just gulp it down as fast as possible. With my extensive post-orgasm instructions, you'll see just how much pleasure can be enjoyed from each and every drop.

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