Natashas Bedroom - So Mean Humiliation Tasks

Are you a big enough freak to go through with all of these nasty, totally twisted, and utterly fucked up tasks? Can you handle being turned into my depraved jerk puppet? Let's find out. 
Press play, and you're mine. Your only job now is to do what I say, no matter how filthy it might be...and it will be very filthy. No hard toilet tasks here. But what I'm going to make you do next *will* be depraved.
I'm going to make you degrade yourself from head to toe, in all kinds of different & creative ways, until you don't have a shred of self-respect left. Until you cum like the fucked up little freak that I know you need to be. 
And after you cum? I won't stop there. If you're a big enough perv to make it to my cum command, you deserve this embarrassing post-orgasm task.

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