Luna Sapphire - Bust Your Balls For Mistress

You’re gonna bust those weak balls for Me. I enjoy giving you pain much more than pleasure. You’ll hurt yourself for Me because just look at Me! I’m perfect and you’ll do whatever I want. Just your hand will do, but I recommend bringing a paddle or other toy for maximum pain. As I tease you with My gorgeous body, I demand you smack, punch and paddle your sack for My amusement. Cry harder, bitch. I just laugh at your suffering. Now imagine if I busted your balls. I’d deliver a nice hard blow to your tender crotch, laughing as you reeled in pain. Then I’d kick your stupid nuts again, and again, and again. Imagine My high heeled black boots smashing your balls until they turn purple and you’re crying on the floor. Now give yourself as much pain and with as much enthusiasm as I would. (DISCLAIMER: this is an extreme ball-busting fantasy in which I encourage you to push your pain limits. Follow My instructions at your own risk and practice proper aftercare. I am not responsible for injuries sustained as a result of watching this video)

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