Jordan Black - Sissy Training - Anal Plug

I love dominating my lil sissy whore. She pretends it's a **** I manipulated her into, dressing up in shiny clothing for me, wearing lingerie, nylons, heels, but I just know how ecstatic she becomes when I make her order clip after clip.

Why yes she's under my spell and under my command, but she just loves being a submissive, caged slut for her Goddess. Loaded on Rush, at my feet, being teased to the brink of exploding in her tight e-stim belt, being made to wear lipstick while her ass is plugged like a true whore. This is her dream, to suffer for my pure amusement! This time she has the chance to cum, of course in her chastity cage, collecting every drip of her cum to be used in our next session as a frozen treat for a good obeying sissy.

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